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Sight On Site Training

See Straight was founded on the principal that knowledge is power, and if we can share that knowledge, common visual dysfunctions will be reduced and productivity in the workplace will increase. Our 90-minute seminar involves a presentation incorporating elements of Anatomy, Orthoptic therapy, and Ergonomics.

Professional Development

See Straight’s Professional Development seminar is designed to equip teachers with the tools necessary to identify children who may have vision related learning issues. With statistics showing 1 in 4 children struggling in the classroom due to undiagnosed visual concerns, it has become a necessity to identify these children and direct them to the services capable of remedying their deficiencies.

Partner Practices

See Straight is committed to finding and treating Visual Skills Dysfunction as well as Visual Information Processing Disorders.  Often glasses are only part of the equation to healthy sight. With See straight practices can confidently offer patients a holistic solution to their visual needs.

See Straight is exclusively a Vision Therapy based company. All patients referred for Assessment and Treatment, will be referred to our partner optometrists for refractive and ocular health needs.